About Us

Aipower is one of the brands of  AIPOWER INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED., we are committed to becoming a powerful player in the field of smart device development and bringing better smart device products to customers.

The products on our website are mainly divided into 4 series: WEARBUDS, KEY SERIES, RONA and ACC.


Wearbuds is the world's first earbud headset that can be worn directly on the wrist, expressing our mission of innovation.


The main product of KEY SERIES is wireless headset. Our vision is simple-we hope to provide high-quality products for every user who loves and enjoys life. The love and satisfaction of customers is our greatest encouragement.


With the advancement and popularity of smart home products every year, household products are a top priority for development. The first product in the RONA series is Motion Sensor Night Light. The sun brings light to all mankind, and Rona can illuminate in the darkness.


The main products of the ACC series are Wearbuds Watch accessories, such as watch replacement straps and earphones.

We proudly offer a Satisfaction Guarantee for all of our merchandise and services. From our products to our friendly customer service, we strive to provide a positive shopping experience by meeting or exceeding your expectations. We want to hear from you, if we did great or if we could have done better!

Thank you for stopping by and happy shopping! We would love to hear from you.